+ Ola Leander

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After being part owner in a restaurant in Sweden in 2005, Ola Leander realised the best part was designing and building it, which prompted him to turn to carpentry/construction six years ago in Denmark.

After moving to London in 2007, together with his partner, they started an art and furniture shop, Our House Gallery, in East London. Initially importing Scandinavian furniture, he started designing and making his own pieces in 2009. Leander's passion for mid century modern design, is evident in his clean lines and attention to detail.

He is in the process of starting up his own furniture brand No More Weekdays. He is based in the Ahswin Workshop, Dalston, East London. Leander is still running Our House Gallery with his partner, where his pieces are being exhibited and sold on a permanent basis.


Follow his blog here. www.thescandinavian.co.uk